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Matching Funds May Be Available

You can donate directly to Operation Patriot Support through the form below OR your donation may qualify for matching funds from The Louis and Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust. Personal donations of $5-$500, up to $3,000 per household may be eligible for matching funds.

Restrictions do apply, please review the Trust’s terms and conditions to see if your contribution qualifies, by clicking below. Or if you would like to donate directly to Operation Patriot Support, please use the PayPal Link Below: 

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If you do not wish to donate online you may mail a check payable to the Louis & Gloria Flanzer Philanthropic Trust, 1266 First Street, Suite 1, Sarasota, FL 34236 and note in the memo line on the check that your donation is directed to Operation Patriot Support.

The Flanzer Trust only accepting contributions received directly from an individual donor, their donor advised funds, or their personal foundations. Corporate or partnership, multi member LLCs, LLPs and similar entity donations are not eligible


Our organization works totally off of the funds raised in our events and by donations provided.  If you would like to donate we welcome your generosity and can assure you that your funds will be utilized to further our mission.  We are an all-volunteer organization with minimal corporate overhead.  Our only significant expenses are those direct costs required to produce the fund raising events.

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