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The Florida Fun Shoot (FFS) is a sporting clays event held at Ancient Oak Gun Club in Bradenton Florida in late winter each year.  Through the generous support of so many we have raised over $110,000 in three years in support of our veterans, with an average growth in the event of approximately 30% per year. 

We can assure you this is one of the most rewarding events you will ever attend.  FFS is not your typical sporting clay event; we have the honor of having veterans – wounded, retired, and still serving – law enforcement, and first responders attend and more importantly take part in the shoot. 

We have had some of this country’s most courageous warriors come and tell us their stories, including: 

Medal of Honor recipient – Gary Littrell – United States Army Command Sergeant Major, Retired  

Between April 4 and April 8, 1970, while serving on Advisory Team 21 of I Corps Advisory Group, in Kontum Province, Republic of Vietnam, Sergeant First Class Littrell was a Light Weapons Infantry Advisor with the 23rd Battalion, 2nd Ranger Group, the battalion was under intense mortar attack. All advisors except Littrell were killed. Unrelentingly, over four days, Littrell kept the battalion inspired, while he directed artillery and air support, distributed ammunition, strengthened faltering defenses, cared for the wounded, and shouted encouragement to the Vietnamese in their own language. For his "sustained extraordinary courage and selflessness", he was awarded the Medal of Honor.The Medal of Honor was presented to Littrell in a White House ceremony by President Richard Nixon on October 15, 1973.


Navy SEAL – Mike Day – Senior Chief, Retired

Al Qaeda terrorists shot Day more than two dozen times.  He said any one of the rounds should have killed him. 'God Get Me Home' – "After I'd figured out I was getting shot I said, 'God, get me home to my girls.' That was my first prayer to God, real prayer, and He answered it,".  When the gunfight was over, Mike Day took out all four terrorists in the room, but not before being shot 27 times and hit with grenade shrapnel.  His awards – 16 medals – include the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, and the Purple Heart. 


Check Out Mike’s full story at:

Army Ranger – Joe Kapacziewski – United States Army Sergeant First Class 

From the moment his broken body was pulled from an armored vehicle in Iraq — after an enemy grenade, dropped through a hatch, detonated inches away —Army Ranger Joseph Kapacziewski vowed to be back in the fight.   Joe Kapacziewski was the first to re-qualify as an Army Ranger with a prosthetic leg.  Sergeant Kapacziewski served several tours as a Ranger with his prosthetic leg.


United States Marine – Mike Jernigan

Mike, a retired Marine, told everyone his story of being the first serviceman to lose both eyes in the War on Terror.  Mike was the first to receive a guide dog in the Paws for Patriots program which he co‐founded in 2006.  As Mike continues to serve his country he works at Southeastern Guide Dogs to assist in providing service dogs for those in need and more specifically our veterans.


Gold Star Families   

For those that may not know, a Gold Star family member is a family member of a fallen service member killed in combat operations.  We are honored to have had many Gold Star family members attend our event and tell us about the bravery of those they have lost, share their stories, and how they continue to serve by volunteering to do so much for those still serving.  


As a special “thank you” we invite all of our sponsors to attend our private Sponsor’s Recognition Party.  Here they can meet our special guest, thank them for their service, hear their stories first hand in a private setting.  


The latest event OPs organized was our Evening with Heroes.  Just as the name of the event implies this was an opportunity for us all to spend time with more of this country’s bravest. 


Our first Evening with Heroes was timed to recognize the 23rd anniversary of The Battle of Mogadishu.  In this operation nineteen Americans gave their lives in the defense of our nation.  The initial operation of 3 October 1993, intended to last an hour, became an overnight standoff and rescue operation extending into daylight hours of 4 October.


Colonel Danny R. McKnight, U.S. Army, Retired, played an integral part in The Battle of Mogadishu and his actions, along with so many heroes from our military is depicted in the movie Black Hawk Down.


Our subsequent Evening with Heroes featured even more great patriots who have given so much to serve our great nation.  

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